Developing a Learner Profile; How to Know Exactly What People Want

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The world of online training and the world of online marketing have a lot of similarities you know. Maybe it’s just me thinking that everything online is really just training in disguise, but I’ve found a lot of great marketing resources lately that have a very distinct training flavour.

There are stacks of really great online marketing resources that have helped me develop some pretty unique ways to tackle online training, which are about as far removed from standard eLearning as you can get.

But before you can get all creative with the delivery of your content, there is something far more important that needs to be done first.

In this article I’m going to cover the most important aspect of any project you will ever work on; Learn more →

Why Your Training Course Sucks and Won’t Really Help Anyone

Kids reaction to long training courses

There is absolutely no doubt that online training courses are seriously HOT right now. It seem like everywhere I look there is another blogger offering entry to their super special training program that promises to convert participants into expert infopreneurs (shout out to the Fizzle boys for the reference).

The popularity of this approach isn’t surprising, in fact the only thing I am surprised about is the amount of time it has taken for it to catch on. Transferring knowledge is one of the simplest ways to provide value to a customer and just about every aspect of marketing these days involves a certain amount of teaching.

Why not formalise the process and slap a price tag on it eh?

Sadly, what most people tend to produce is a media-rich info product that has bulk content and slick video, but no real focus on a learning outcome.

In this article I’m going to show you how to implement an online training approach that focuses on learner outcomes and identifiable changes in the behaviour and actions of your audience.

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How to Use a Lesson Plan and Guarantee Training Success (free template included)

Even storm troopers use a lesson plan template

If you are familiar with teaching principles at all, then you might have come across a lesson plan template (or session plan) in the past. In really simple terms, these are used to assist a teacher deliver a training course in an organised way without missing out on any of the really important bits.

If you haven’t seen one before, this might sound rather dull, just another checklist that gets in the way of you actually getting something done. But if used properly a lesson plan can provide you with a training framework that enables you to deliver well thought out content every time you use it.

This approach is really useful for all educators, whether you are teaching school kids, or trying to deliver a specific message online to a diverse audience. It also applies to online content creators, because it not only helps you develop an outline, but also helps you dig a lot deeper into your topic.

Today I’m going to cover the basics of a lesson plan and try to convince you to use one every time you create content – whether it is formal training or just a ‘how to’ article. (I’m even going to give you a free lesson plan template that you can use right away). Learn more →

How to Create a Killer Online Training Course

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I know what you are thinking, ironic title for a blog that doesn’t have a training course right? Don’t worry, that will all change soon enough. In the meantime, you might like to get yourself a cup of tea and put on some comfy pants, This is the guide to end all guides showing you how to create an online training course of your very own.

In the next 2,600 words I’m going to show you how to:

  • identify the best topic for your training course through research and testing
  • develop a course structure and sequence that works perfectly for learners
  • identify the best format to deliver your training
  • create course content that is memorable and commands attention
  • evaluate and refine your product through user feedback

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The Secret to Developing Content that Appeals to Everyone

Audience listens to someone with good communication skills

Have you ever written something that you thought was epic? Something that you were sure would help all who read it, only to find you just didn’t get the response you were hoping for….

Don’t worry, It happens to everyone, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. But there is a way to increase your chances of success when communicating your message and it is really simple to do.

In this post I’m going to show you how to develop good communication skills and deliver your message in a way that hits the mark every. single. time. Learn more →